The element's existence does not precede the existence of the whole, it comes neither before nor after it, for the parts do not determine the pattern, but the pattern determines the parts: knowledge of the pattern and of its laws, of the set and its structure, could not possibly be derived from discrete knowledge of the elements that compose it.

George Perec, Life: A User's Manual

The CERCA TROVA aim is to contribute to the advance of science in the fields of Human and Social Sciences.


For this purpose, the CERCA TROVA sets itself in particular :

To contribute to the production of research in the fields of Human and Social Sciences, under the aspect of heterogeneity of information, and to promote its practical applications, in Psychology, Economics and Finance, among other fields.

To diffuse and promote the activities and results of its research to the wider public.

It mobilizes the resources necessary to complete these tasks and make them avaliable to its active research members.